Geotargeting PPC Campaigns & Getting Personal

For nearly 20 years, this Indiana Trailer Manufacturer (because of an NDA, the company name has been changed to Indiana Trailer Manufacturer, abbreviated as ITM) has been producing premium aluminum trailers as the alternative to steel trailers in the Trailer/RV marketplace. Factors like exceptional design and construction with guidance from industry-leading engineers have catapulted ITM to high levels of growth and success. ITM’s Toy Hauler trailers gained an increase in production due to higher demand from existing customers. However, new customer acquisition was stagnant and not meeting projected sales. To combat this, Force 5 developed a new lead generation digital strategy.

The Challenge

ITM knows they deliver a high-quality product that is distinguishable from traditional steel trailers. They have significant brand equity in the Trailer/RV market as well. How can ITM leverage its recognition across a digital platform to fill the top of its sales funnel with fresh leads?


To develop a new customer portfolio, we knew the best way to go about this was through a lead generation campaign. ITM asked Force 5 to focus on four specific markets. Because they were very different geographically, we knew the digital campaign would feel more personal if the content and messaging were uniquely related to each segment.


To generate leads for ITM Toy Hauler, we wanted to get personal and localized. We would provide a relevant ad message, and then send the user to a unique landing page to take action. Each action would trigger background automation to send lead information to the appropriate place.

PPC Campaign

Force 5 created a PPC campaign that was targeted based on ITM’s ideal customer. Setting demographic parameters, audience targeting, and geographic targeting was key in narrow-casting the customers ITM was after. 12 Campaigns were created on Google, as there were four regions Force 5 was targeting to drive traffic to the local dealerships. Each region had three campaigns, one SEM, one Display, and one Re-marketing. Paid social had four campaigns that were region specific and were advertised on Facebook and Instagram.

Unique Landing Pages

From the PPC campaign, Force 5 drove each user to a unique landing page that was region specific. The landing page had imagery similar to what their “local backyard” would look like and listed the name of the dealer nearest to them. Three action buttons were present on each landing page. By making user choices limited and simple, Force 5 decreased the chance of a user leaving without taking action (bounce rate). Each button directed the user to a form. Once that form was completed, a custom message based on the user’s location was displayed indicating which local dealer would be contacting them within 24 hours.

diagram showing flow of the campaign. First there is a display ad based on region. Then a landing page based on region. A lead gen form. Then automation sends notifications to the company, dealer, and Force 5 marketing agency.

Creative Content Strategy

Our approach to the creative elements was a key part of the success of this ad campaign. Force 5 focused on delivering ad creative and messaging that was personalized and consistent. Consumer expectations for personalized and relevant content are on the rise in a big way. According to a recent study by personalization platform Evergage, 88% of U.S. marketers reported measurable improvements attributable to personalization, with some even seeing an increase as significant as 10% overall. The images and headline messaging for each display ad and landing page were tailored to the user’s geographic location. E.g. users in the southwest saw canyons, while users from the far northwest saw rugged forests.

Examples of imagery for Los Angeles, Phoenix, Portland, and Salt Lake City

Force 5 also knew that consistent visuals from first to final impression are critical to a digital campaign. If a user clicks an ad that looks nothing like the page to which they’re directed, confusion or mistrust can grow.

landing page example


From acquisition to exit, Force 5 was able to track and measure valuable data points in order to support our campaign results. Some KPIs included bounce rate, sessions, new users, event clicks, and form completions. Taking this one step further, Force 5 also redirected form completions to the dealer, ITM corporate, and Force 5 to ensure leads were being generated. This also allowed ITM to make sure their dealerships followed up on leads within a 24hr time frame. Because Force 5 was able to track information this way, we were able to confirm if our leads garnished a sale. At the end of each day, Force 5 was able to trace customers’ journeys in a behavior flow chart (as far down as region-specific) to make observations and recommendations about how to adjust the campaign behavior or website content.


  • $6,000 Client Investment
  • 44 Requests for Quote
  • 13 Requests for Brochures
  • 28 Requests for Dealer to Contact
  • $2.126 million in Sales Pipeline Potential
  • $320,000 in Confirmed Sales

Is It Time to Find Your Customers … Right where They’re At?

If you want to find the right person at the right moment, it takes attention to detail, a strong strategy, and a laser focus on the data. Why leave it to chance? Force 5 can guide you toward the success you’re looking for in digital marketing and beyond.