Stay Metrics Website

Stay Metrics tasked Force 5 to update its website Specifically to work with them to better tell the story of what services they offer as it was a complicated message. 

Force 5 was created a responsive, user-friendly website that illustrated how their services worked. We worked with them to shoot photography of their team; write copy that was optimized for SEO and overall improve their website presence. Truck driver turnover was and continues to be, a growing problem. To drive conversions for the StayMetrics service, Force 5 created a calculator to help the user determine the cost of turnover.

StayMetrics was purchased in 2020 by another company, so the current website is no longer live.

StayMetrics Home Page
StayMetrics Services page – the user follows a “trail” outlining how their services work. The truck on the bottom of the page indicates the visitor progress.