Video Production and Editing

Reach, Inspire, and Drive Action

Video Is Everywhere ... Are You?

It seems like everything is a video now. And there are good reasons for it, too.

  • Videos are accessible - People can understand them quickly and easily
  • Videos are visual - They reach out beyond the word on the page
  • Videos help tell stories - Well-written scripts guide your viewer through a complete story, the most powerful way to engage the human mind by far

Not to mention video is the preferred method of most of the popular digital platforms today--including social media. That's why we believe video is a core component of a strong marketing strategy.

But it doesn't work without a plan. That's why Force 5 helps clients understand the core objectives of their video strategy and then execute it.

Let's explore what goes into video marketing and how we build campaigns that work.

The Types of Marketing Videos

Video can take many forms, but these are the most common ways we see it being used today.


High production-value videos that are cut to specific lengths (15-second, 30-second, etc.). The goal here is to tell a story succinctly so that the viewer gets the message no matter where they see it. Commercials can go in digital channels as well as television.

Social Video

Social video is a highly diverse form of video that is produced for social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. Lengths can vary based on platform and intent. These videos can also be used in digital advertising.

Corporate and/or Training Videos

A completely different type of video used often in B2B Marketing and internal training. This type of video is carefully scripted and developed to teach something to the viewer or communicate a business's core values.

Video Examples

Interested in seeing what these types of videos become in practice? Let's take a look through some of the videos we recently produced.

A recap video of an annual Concours automotive show.
A video sharing what seeking services at the Family Justice Center is like for the potential client.
A case study on how Chi Ishobak helped Bicycle Tattoo get its start.

A campaign ad for Jason Critchlow for Trustee.
Marketing Minute educational content by US! In this episode we share why marketing managers might need a marketing agency.
An interview with Evie Bauman, Director of Sustainability for the City of South Bend.

Shorts / TikTok Style Videos

The Video making Process

Videos don't just fall out of the sky! Making one that lands takes planning, execution, and commitment. Luckily, you have the veteran video crew at Force 5 on your side to make it happen.

Here's what to expect.



Every video starts with an idea. Whether you already have one or want us to help you find it, we start from the concept every time. After all, how would we know where we were going without it?


Now that we have an idea, we need to script it out so that we can communicate it in a way that makes sense. Force 5 has professional copywriters to help craft your message, including how it will display visually in a video so that it all makes sense to the viewer.

Video Production

Here's where we capture the footage we will be using in your video. Whether you are filming on-site or in a studio, we make sure you or your actors look great by shooting with high-quality 4K footage, great lighting, and crisp audio capture.


Video Editing

Our professional editors help your vision come to life. By including music, effects, transitions, digital elements, titles, or anything else that we need to tell your story, here's where the video becomes ... well ... the video!


Let's show the world your masterpiece! In this step, we help you package, master, optimize, and distribute your video for all the formats you are using it--anything from broadcast television to portrait-oriented video for mobile phones.


What worked? What didn't? Is there anything we can adjust on the end to bring even more impact? Force 5 as a whole is highly data-driven, so in our video projects, we analyze the impact after each one to help both of us know how to keep pushing forward!

Video FAQs

I've never made a video before. Is that okay?

Yes! We have. So as your guide through the process, we'll ensure you know exactly the right next step to take to get your video project complete.

Do I need to pay a ton of money?

We scale each project to the client's budget and what they hope to achieve. While high-quality video can be costly, we help you choose formats, platforms, and approaches that fit your budget while still meeting your goals. And if that isn't possible, we'll tell you so we can adjust our goals together.

What about TikTok?

TikTok takes a very different approach to video production than most other platforms. It prioritizes high volumes, quick turnarounds, and less production value to foster a sense of authenticity. We've done both sides of the coin, so if this is your goal, we'll be your guide.

Does Force 5 help us get our video out there?

Yes, we offer both SEO considerations for your video itself as well as its metadata, and we offer digital marketing/social media services to help you post and promote them. We can even help you buy TV spots through our connections and get your the best deal for your money.

Could you help us edit existing footage?

Yes, we have done this with several clients. Although Force 5 offers services for the entire video process, we are happy to help with only a portion if you already have footage, don't need our help with digital distribution, or just want us to film. We are flexible to meet your needs.