Discovering Your “WHY” to Build Circularity

As I shared in our last video, Circularity is creating something with the end in mind. Waste not. Want not. Today, let’s dig a little deeper by discovering WHY you—yes, singular you—might make the effort to become more circular. Because …

Circularity Is Not an Easy Thing

It takes changing your habits, like

  • Deciding you will pack your sandwich in beeswax wrap or a stainless steel bento box
  • Taking reusable shopping bags with you to the grocery store instead of using the plastic bags provided

I think it is easy to have the attitude of “I am just one person, what difference can I make” – and if everyone felt that way, well, nothing would change.

So there has to be a tipping point, something that drives a change in habits—one at a time – something that helps you find your “WHY.”

What is Your “WHY?”

Recently I went to Circularity 2022, and on the first day of the conference, they asked each of us to write down WHY we were there. It made me think!  I know I am passionate about circularity/sustainability – but WHY.

"Why?" written over an ocean horizon. Shoreline is visible in the lower left corner.

I discovered it was because I want to make a difference. I am very concerned about where we are headed with the environment. Actually, I am not worried about planet earth surviving, my concern is for the species that inhabit this big blue marble–you, me, and all the plants and animals that live here. The planet will right itself; the question is, “Will we be here?”

So, when considering your WHY, you might think of

  • Your children or grandchildren and leaving them a planet that is thriving
  • The health of the oceans and waterways
  • Having enough clean drinking water
  • Reversing the trend of cataclysmic weather events (floods, fires, oppressive heat)
  • Or many others

One person CAN make a difference. You just have to decide WHY it is important to you.

What’s next?

Once you’ve discerned your WHY, you have the energy you need to get started. There are many ways to be more circular and build more sustainability into our lives and businesses. To help you along this path, we have a growing catalog of resources, including:

Ready to make sustainability part of your organization’s BRAND SOUL or engage in more sustainable marketing campaigns? We’d love to talk to you.