Indiana Trust Wealth Management’s Brand Journey

David Kibbe is the President and CEO of Indiana Trust Wealth Management. He and his team worked with Force 5 on a recent rebranding of the company. To do so, Force 5’s certified brand strategists walked them through the brand discovery process, as well as helped them develop new brand assets.

The result: a brand Kibbe says he’s very proud of and that has become recognizable to clients and the community alike.

Here is David’s story in our testimonial video. The transcript follows.

Meet David Kibbe from Indiana Trust Wealth Management

Soon after I became President and CEO of Indiana Trust, we wanted to rebrand—make our logo and our image a little more modern. And so, we started looking at companies that we could work with.

I had been friends with Beth North through the years and knew that she worked at Force 5.

After she introduced us to Deb and David, we decided to give them a shot and sat down to see what they could do for us.

What Was the Rebranding Process Like?

In rebranding, we weren’t really sure where to start, but, with Deb’s expertise, she really laid the groundwork and made it easy for us.

One of the things that impressed me most was the effort by the Force 5 team to understand the Indiana Trust team.

It was very important for them to understand what made Indiana Trust special and why we stand out from our competitors or from others in our industry.

What Was It Like to Work with the Force 5 Team?

It wasn’t just the process of getting to know us.

I felt like the Force 5 team really stayed with us from that initial meeting after we decided to work with them all through the launch of our rebrand, and throughout the way, made sure that we were very comfortable with the choices that we were making.

And I felt that in the end the new brand really reflected who we were as a company, and I was very proud of the result and how it turned out.

How Does the Indiana Trust Rebrand Feel After Completion?

Indiana Trust Wealth Management logo
While brand is “more than just a logo”, Indiana Trust’s new modern logo is a good representation of the strength of the rebrand.

Now as we’re headed into our 34th year as a company. I feel that we are, our brand is very relevant. It tells our clients and prospects who we are. I’m very proud of how professional our brand looks. It’s allowed us to really move in the direction of expanding that brand through all our written and video materials.

It’s come to be recognized by our clients and by many people in our community as we have rebranded.

David Kibbe, Indiana Trust

Who Would You Recommend Force 5 To?

So, for anyone that is looking to rebrand or update their brand, I would wholeheartedly recommend that you reach out to Force 5’s brand strategy experts. I feel that they would give you the same attention that we received, and I know that they would work hard on your behalf to understand who you are as a company and how they can best rebrand you.