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Unity Gardens: Sustainable 4 Life

What’s your connection to the Earth? For Sara Stewart and Unity Gardens Inc. planting, caring for, and harvesting fresh food has the power to connect us to the planet and one another.In today’s episode of #Sustainable4Life, Sara shares why the community experience of gardening is so powerful and how it builds individuals and society. Unity Gardens reconnects people to the Earth in nourishing ways.
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Your Step-by-Step Guide to Moving to Google Analytics 4 with Force 5

Did you know that Google’s Universal Analytics (the platform most websites—likely yours, too–have been using to track traffic for more than a decade) will stop collecting data in July 2023? This means that if you have not transitioned to the new Google Analytics 4 platform, you will no longer be able to see how many people visit your website, fill
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Sustainability at Howard Park: An Interview with Aaron Perri

Continuing our series on Sustainability 4 Life, we welcome Aaron Perri, Executive Director of South Bend Venues, Parks, and Arts, to share all the careful thought that went into the details of Howard Park. Howard Park is the nation’s first LEED Version 4 Gold facility, a prestigious honor that marks how much it’s doing to protect the environment. Join Aaron
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3 Hidden Brand Mistakes – Marketing Minute

Ever feel the pinch in one of these areas:  You are putting out regular content but the general look and feel seem inconsistent.  Most of your employees “get it” when it comes to delivering a consistent experience for your customers, but a few still struggle to keep up with company standards and sort of “do their own thing.”  You meet
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Drip Campaigns 101 – Marketing Minute

Have you ever gotten an email like this? Or, perhaps a better question, have you been doing this to your customers? It’s okay, we’ve all been there, and in today’s Marketing Minute, I’ll share with you how drip campaigns can help you avoid email overload. What is a Drip Campaign? If we dump all the information a customer could possibly
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Discovering Your “WHY” to Build Circularity

As I shared in our last video, Circularity is creating something with the end in mind. Waste not. Want not. Today, let’s dig a little deeper by discovering WHY you—yes, singular you—might make the effort to become more circular. Because … Circularity Is Not an Easy Thing It takes changing your habits, like Deciding you will pack your sandwich in
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Featured image for “Keith Sayer Joins Force 5 as Account Strategist / Content Creator”

Keith Sayer Joins Force 5 as Account Strategist / Content Creator

(June 14, 2022 – South Bend) Force 5 is pleased to announce that Keith Sayer has joined its team as Account Strategist / Content Creator. Keith has experience running B2B marketing efforts and content strategies in the Transportation, Enterprise Software, and Nonprofit sectors. He is a lifelong writer, as well as an expert in marketing technologies like marketing automation, CRM
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What Is Sustainable Marketing?

It’s no fad. Sustainable marketing is here to stay, and big businesses are starting to take notice. With recent studies showing that 79% of consumers change their purchase preferences based on a company’s “social responsibility, inclusiveness, and environmental impact,” the opportunity is vast. But what is sustainable marketing? Let’s start by taking a look at what we mean by sustainability.
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Media Buying Done Right – Marketing Minute

There is so much more to media buying than writing a check and hoping someone views or listens to your message. With many different types of media, it can be hard to decide which are right for your brand, leaving you wondering, “how can I be more effective with my media buying?” Well, I’ll tell you how–and more!–in this Marketing
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Featured image for “More Than Recycling … How to Build a Circular Economy”

More Than Recycling … How to Build a Circular Economy

I attended Circularity 2022 last week just outside of Atlanta, it was an incredible experience. First a definition of Circularity – Circularity is a simple concept. It means that a product is created with its own end-of-life taken into account. In a circular economy, once the user is finished with the product, it goes back into the supply chain instead of
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Featured image for “Is It Time to Tackle Single-Use Plastic?”

Is It Time to Tackle Single-Use Plastic?

On Earth Day this year, the Force 5 team worked together to walk along the St. Joseph River near our building picking up trash along the walkway. We found all sorts of things—including face masks, a piece of a car bumper, and even a ladder. However, nothing was more prevalent than single-use plastic. From wrappers to straws to grocery store
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Featured image for ““I KNOW a Guy” and Its Challenges – Marketing Minute”

“I KNOW a Guy” and Its Challenges – Marketing Minute

Picture This: Your Next Marketing Strategy Meeting “So, everyone, we’ve all decided that we need a new Website/Video/Social Media/Campaign/Digital Advertising Strategy and we’re looking for suggestions on who should do it. Sam?” Well, ya see, I know “this guy” who can get the job done. He does this thing as a side hustle. I’ve seen his work, and it looks
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