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2012 Force 4 Good Project Result

Heartland Small Animal Rescue 2012 Force 4 Good Award Winner Project As the winner of the 2012 Force 4 Good contest, Heartland was entitled to 50 hours of marketing effort. But first, we needed to determine where to focus our efforts. Force 5 met with Heartland to discuss current needs and marketing obstacles within the organization. As a result, Force
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It’s my birthday sips

So, almost a month before my birthday, Starbucks is wishing me “happy sips on my birthday.”  The email came 3 weeks before my birthday and of course it made me smile.  Free Starbucks would make anyone smile.  The postcard came in the mail 2 weeks before my birthday. There are two companies that have made an impression on me when
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2011 Winner of A Force for Good

The winner of the 2011 A Force for Good non-profit awareness contest is “St. Joseph County Bridges Out of Poverty.”  The winner was chosen by an outside selection committee made up local marketing professionals.  The decision was difficult due to the wide range of highly qualified Non-profit finalists.  Congratulations SJC Bridges! And a huge thank you to all our judges
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A Force for Good – Voting has begun!

ZIP! POW! VOTE NOW! That’s right, the Force for Good contest has 19 nominees in the running for the $5,000.00 service package from Force 5 and voting is now open. The Team at Force 5 would like to take this opportunity to thank all who nominated their favorite local hero. Now we ask that you do your part and vote
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A Force for Good Goes Prime Time!

A Force For Good makes it on WNDU News Center 16!  Check out Force 5’s David Morgan on video here.  
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“A Force for Good” Non-Profit Awareness Contest

Real Superheroes Don’t Wear Capes The greatest heroes don’t wear capes, can’t fly and aren’t from a distant planet. They are ordinary people doing extraordinary things every day.  They lead, operate or volunteer at the many non-profit organizations (NPOs) in our community in an effort to make our world a better place.  And like all heroes, when they are empowered,
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The SPAM Litmus Test

As part of my role here at Force 5, I make unsolicited contact with potential clients almost every day.  I do this through a variety of means – letters, phone calls, emails – to let people know about the great things our company can do for them. I realize my activity can be an invasion of a busy person’s privacy, so I always do my best to be courteous, professional, and
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The Value of Small + Smart

Whenever I’m asked about Force 5, one of the things I say about our company is that we are“small and smart.” Most people understand immediately what half of that means. We have only a handful of people on our staff – so, we’re small – pretty easy. Small is good these days. That means we don’t carry a lot of
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Touchy Feely

It’s been almost  a year since the release of Apple’s iPhone 4.   I traded in my old iPhone 3G just a few months ago.  I love the 4’s speed, video features, functionality. Ultimately, I’m glad I made the switch.  But I have to be honest with you; there’s something that’s just not been quite right with my new iPhone 4.
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Force 5 Peeps

Happy Easter from the Force 5 Pup-Peeps
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The Boss Rules #4: The Perfect Day

I remember walking into Joe’s office pretty frustrated.  I’d had one of those days – the bad kind.  Actually, I’d had about 10 of those days in a row, placing me exactly halfway to a pretty lousy month.  I had recently accepted a new role leading a new team and things were just not happening the way I had envisioned. 
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The Boss Rules: Rule #3

I’ve worked for a lot of years, enjoyed a lot of roles in my career, and had a lot of supervisors who imparted their wisdom to me.   I thought I would share some of their best stuff with you in this series of posts called, “The Boss Rules.” Rule #3:  Become an “Owner” Sometimes the best things a boss can
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