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By Jeff Murphy

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By Deb DeFreeuw, President, Force 5

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By Deb DeFreeuw, President - Force 5




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By Jim Ragosta, Digital Media Specialist

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2020, well, what hasn’t been said – a year we didn’t see coming, a year we can’t wait to put in the rearview mirror. Needless to say the pandemic will have a lasting impact on many aspects of our lives and in the year ahead, marketers will need to be especially conscious to approach their messaging with empathy.

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By Jim Ragosta, Digital Media Specialist

As consumers continue to shift to a more digital driven approach for their product and service needs, SEO continues to be more important than ever. SEO isn’t as easy as some think, it is in constant flux given Google’s random indexing, new algorithms, and competition against others who are also making optimizations. On the local level, there is one SEO method that seems effortless and can help your business stand out…Google Reviews.

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By Jim Ragosta, Digital Media Specialist

2020 has been a whirlwind for retailers globally. COVID-19 has had a dramatic effect on purchase intent and how/where consumers want to buy goods or services. This whirlwind will definitely impact the upcoming holiday shopping season. From government regulations imposed on brick and mortar retailers to individuals following CDC guidelines to keep themselves and their families safe, expect a very different holiday experience this year. Oh and note to self, start your shopping early.

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I know. I know. We’re all tired of hearing about the corona virus nowadays and how it’s affected all of us mentally, physically, emotionally. I’d like to take a different perspective, focusing in on E-commerce and how it’s seems to be flourishing.


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Listen up…Do we have a day for you.

Friday October 2nd, Force 5 is hosting two events.


If you’re hungry, come on over for one of our "Food Truck Fridays." We’ll have several local food trucks, including Mexican, Italian, Venezuelan and good ol’ American!