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Knowledge Nuggets

Anyone who has done development, design, or IT knows that over the course of working on a project, you collect various “nuggets” of knowledge that you ever learn or find. Here I’m going to share some of what I’ve discovered that may be able to help you in your own projects. I have cited the original source of the information
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Can you Insure Me from Myself?

Setup Picture – I am sitting at the Apple Genius Bar, ya I know they call it a “Bar” but not a drink in sight, working through my iPhone issues with the savvy, half shaven, twenty something, blue t-shirt wearing apple genius who is just about finished with my antenna issue.  When to my surprise the next customer introduces himself
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The SPAM Litmus Test

As part of my role here at Force 5, I make unsolicited contact with potential clients almost every day.  I do this through a variety of means – letters, phone calls, emails – to let people know about the great things our company can do for them. I realize my activity can be an invasion of a busy person’s privacy, so I always do my best to be courteous, professional, and
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Too much of a good thing?

I am a red-blooded American gal and I love to find things on sale! Who doesn’t? I have started to wonder, can a retail business have too many sales? I get an e-mail almost everyday from Lands’ End. I love Lands’ End, I think they have a great product. I am so conditioned to buying when there is a sale
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Attitude is Everything

I have to share a blog I just ran across, “Are You Willing To Do This One Thing To Be Happier Each Day.” I honestly don’t even know how I found this blog, but I love it. In a nutshell, the article centers about that first thought you have during the day. Mondays are a prime example, if you start
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Bringing Next Generation to This Generation

Force 5 remains steadfast in its commitment to be a  “next generation brand development and marketing communications firm.”  Determing what that next generation technology is and how to bring it to clients in an effective and practical way is the real challenge in fullfilling our commitment.  One next generation technology is mobile.  Today, all indicators show that in the foreseeable future, mobile will play a
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Hey Buddy, wanna deal?

credit: Rocky Ayrawal Hey, Want a deal? Ok, here it is….I’ll give you $2,500—1/3 now, 1/3 in 30 days, and the final 1/3 in 60. You give my customers $10,000 in retail business from your shop. How does that sound? That’s a Groupon deal. The “daily deal” industry structures their deals so that the retailer must be very careful about
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What I love about the internet

For many of us, the internet is an integral part of our lives. Aside from my personal use to book trips, make online purchases and get directions through MapQuest, my focus is generally how it is used as a tool for businesses. I read about best practices in website building, the latest CMS technology, trends, internet marketing, etc. Recently, I
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It’s Memorial Day weekend so I thought I would take a picture of the Flag that flies outside our offices here at Force 5.   There is a lot happening this weekend:  Graduations, cookouts, parties and all kinds of outdoor fun.  The famed Indianapolis 500 will run this weekend too.  For many, Memorial Day marks the beginning of a great Summer. I am
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Wanted for Murder: An Equal and Opposite Reaction

Picture the scene.  I’m driving into town toward the University of Notre Dame campus on my way to our offices at Force 5.  It’s a beautiful morning. The weather’s perfect.  As usual, there is a lot of morning traffic.  I stop at an intersection where there is a wonderful digital billboard.  As I sit in my car sipping my morning
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Raising Entrepreneurs

First some background: I am a father to an amazing 2 year old son named Neilan who is in the midst of innocently testing as many boundaries as possible with his mother and I, but still has me belly laughing daily at his antics. He’s a true showman. While I believe raising your children to be entrepreneurs is a great
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Another Superman in Metropolis

Look, up in the sky!  Actually, it’s not a bird or a plane – it’s David Morgan, one of our principals here at Force 5.  David is away this week in Metropolis, Illinois, the home of DC Comics hero, Superman. If you’ve ever met David Morgan, it won’t take long for you to figure out that he has developed some pretty amazing super powers:  teacher, video
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