What is Brand Soul?

Excellent question! It’s your raison d’être. Your joie de vivre. Your gesundheit. Okay, maybe not that last one, but we like to say it nonetheless. For your organization, your Soul is the central idea that rallies employees and entices customers. It’s your brand, your unique distinction, the essence and overall purpose for whatever it is you do, whether that’s finding ways to feed hungry people or making the next must-have widget. It’s what separates you from all the others. And, it’s certainly nothing to sneeze at.

Brand Soul searching. (Kumbaya sing-along optional.)

Not sure what your brand Soul is? Or, afraid it’s a bit too touchy-feely to even consider? Rest assured it doesn’t require holding hands and singing Kumbaya, well, unless that really is your thing. Your brand Soul is the essence of your organization. So ask yourself, why do you exist? What is your purpose, your mission? What separates you from other companies or organizations? This is the heart of your organization, your brand Soul. And this is what matters in creating a marketing strategy for your company.

We want to help you get to the heart of who you are, whether that’s finding ways to feed hungry people or making the next must-have widget. Then we bring our team of artsy right brainers and analytical left brainers together to get to the center of who you are and create a top-notch branding campaign just for you. Sound a little hipsterish? Rest assured, this is about action, intention and proven results. It’s about building relationships and doing a bit of Soul searching.

Left brain. Right brain. Brand soul.

How about some fun facts?

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  • Intuitive

  • Random

  • Holistic

  • Subjective

  • Creative

Right Brained

What can we say about right brainers? They are the reason for the Sistine Chapel and the 64-count crayon box…complete with red violet and violet red. Many of them are artsy-fartsy, Mac lovers who spend their evenings Instagramming sunsets. They can spend hours contemplating the color wheel to find the perfect hue. Around here, they are the masterminds behind amazing website designs, one-of-a-kind logos and off-the-hook advertising materials created with your brand in mind. Sure, they may be touchy-feely, outside-the-box thinkers, but how else would we ever know the difference between periwinkle, plum and eggplant? 

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  • Logical

  • Sequential

  • Analytical

  • Rational

  • Objective

Left Brained

Where would the world be without left brainers? Pi would have no definition. The Internet would not exist. The iPhone would be a thing of only dreams. And Star Trek conventions would cease to exist. Left brainers are analytical, logic lovers. They read code like it is haiku, find enjoyment in spreadsheets and spend their weekends settling Catan. Around our office, left brainers make it possible for us to offer you fully functional websites with outstanding performance and capabilities. They create complex web applications, keep our technology current and show us how to do cool, flashy things—all driven by your brand. And, maybe some day they can help us understand the Star Trek thing.

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